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We respect your privacy. We will never sell or release your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information to third parties, or make that information publicly available without your permission. You can control which information is available to other registered users of or to the public by navigating to then choosing Profile and adjusting the settings there.

We are an educational project and provide a free service, so we do track your activities on this site so we can enhance our efforts to serve. We combine your usage metrics with others to create an aggregate picture of how the site is being used. We send similar reports to grant sponsors of our program. However, such usage reports never contain detailed information about your activities as an individual without your prior consent.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to help us analyze the traffic patterns on, locate missing pages or errors, learn about the effectiveness of various components of the website, and determine which pages are popular or dormant, among other things. Data we collect, process, and store using Google Analytics ("Google Analytics data") is secure and kept confidential and does not contain personal identification information.

Google Analytics may track the web address of the pages you visit and your IP address. Google may also set cookies on your browser, or read cookies that are already there. For more details, please visit How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps located at Google may use this data to provide and maintain the Google Analytics service, to perform system critical operations, and in rare exceptions for legal reasons as described in Google's privacy policy located at

If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics, you can do this in a variety of ways. Some ways are listed here, in no particular order.

Please understand that cannot vouch for the safety and efficacy of these methods. If you are interested in blocking Google Analytics you should do your own research to decide the best way to do this for your circumstances. SIMIODE takes no responsibility for the effects of blocking Google Analytics on your browsing experience.

Newsletter and Emails

We reserve the right to contact you to request additional information or to keep you updated on changes to

You may opt out of receiving newsletters and other non-essential communications by updating the settings in your account profile.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation

Statement of Purpose and Organization of SIMIODE

SIMIODE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to supporting faculty who wish to us modeling to motivate the study of differential equations.  All materials in SIMIODE at its community web site,, are FREE and readily available under Creative Commons License 3.0 the most generous version for download, editing, excerpting, and republishing with the sole request that the new publisher mention the original source as being SIMIODE. 

All authors and contributors agree to these terms with regard to their contributions to SIMIODE.

SIMIODE, as a community, permits free registration to anyone expressing a legitimate interest in the purpose of the SIMIODE organization and reserves the right to not register individuals who do not demonstrate these interests. SIMIODE places individuals into groups which best serve their needs and are appropriate, e.g., Teachers Group, Student Group, and Industry Group.

Policy on Managing SIMIODE Member Information

Information about members of SIMIODE is not shared or sold in any form. SIMIODE uses its membership list exclusively to communicate through its own Newsletters, emails, and postings inside respective groups. At any time individuals may opt out of SIMIODE, a member group, or a contact effort such as electronic transmission of a newsletter or email.

As appropriate, SIMIODE reaches beyond its member community to share its message. This is done through information obtained in the public domain such as department directories, personal correspondences, inquiries, business card exchange, and personal contacts.

Privacy Policy and Procedures in SIMIODE Outreach Efforts

On occasion SIMIODE makes a concerted effort to aggregate lists of contact information, e.g., emails or addresses, again from the public domain, e.g., members of an applied mathematics organization and advisors to mathematics societies. These contacts and lists permit SIMIODE to spread its message. However, in all cases when mailings are conducted using such lists each individual recipient of SIMIODE’s message in each mailing or contact is offered the opportunity to permanently Unsubscribe and SIMIODE honors that request, deleting the personal information from its dataset.

SIMIODE builds and curates lists of email contacts from public sources and uses them to reach out with SIMIODE’s message. In addition, SIMIODE may sell such lists to reputable commercial firms in the area of mathematics education only, after the buyer agrees to use of these emails in accordance with GDPR policies. Further, SIMIODE does not grant resale power of said lists to commercial interests.

SIMIODE GDPR Privacy Policy

We turn to a more formal description of SIMIODE’s GDPR Privacy Policy We address the following issues:

Who is collecting the data?

Data is being collected by staff of SIMIODE through visiting public (non-proprietary) sites on the internet in addition to personal contact with individual and institutions.

What data is being collected?

Data on individual email or mail addresses are of interest to SIMIODE in its efforts to reach out an communicate its pedagogical message.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

Only public domain information, e.g., department directories on the Internet, and no proprietary information, e.g., membership lists of societies, will be appropriate for use to promote SIMIODE.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

For public domain email contacts, on occasion SIMIODE will attempt to sell list information to commercial interest in mathematics education. Additionally, SIMIODE will provide FREE to other non-profit mathematics organizations such material. In all cases SIMIODE will transmit its requirement that in using this information the receiving organization must adhere to GDPR Privacy Policy’s as espoused by SIMIODE and may not redistribute said lists.

How will the information be used?

All data will be used to promote the non-profit goals of SIMIODE, in particular the encouragement of using modeling to motivate the study of differential equations.

How long will the data be stored for?

Data will be stored indefinitely, but updated through SIMIODE’s own efforts, user feedback, or personal contacts.

What rights does the data subject have?

Basically these rights come down to the right of respect and response to privacy. At any time an individual or institution has the right to request that SIMIODE stop contacting them and remove their personal information from SIMIODE records and dataset. SIMIODE will address this immediately, adhering to the request.

How can the data subject raise a complaint?

Individuals and institutions can write directly to with their concerns or can Report a Problem and in so doing file a Support Ticket which will be addressed within 48 hours of receipt.

Confidential Information Posted to Site

All resources, wiki articles, blogs, questions, answers, or other information posted or stored on is potentially available to all other users of We do our best to restrict access to source code and to other private materials shared within groups. However, SIMIODE is part of the HUBZero Foundation, which is a research project and so our website software is constantly changing. We disclaim any responsibility or capability for the preservation of confidentiality of any information posted on this site. Do not post or store information on if you expect to or are obligated to protect the confidentiality of that information.

Changes to policy

We may occasionally update our Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices and services. If we make material changes in the way we collect, use, or share your personal information, we will notify you and/or prominently post notices of the changes on our website.