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Adem Kilicman

Your system is very complex and I am having difficulty to find the videos

Dear Sir,


We need direct link to the videos to evaluate. So far I have not seen the videos. Could you please give direct links to videos and the forms to fill up.


Thank you 

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    Brian Winkel

    Hi Adem,

    Thank you fro participating as a Judge in SCUDEM V 2020.  We apologize for any confusion.

    Final Judging reports are due on 7 December 2020, so the time to get your judging of videos as you agreed to is growing short. For those who have already submitted your judge's report we THANK YOU!  All others please engage and savor the student effort.

    PROBLEMS POSTED: We have posted the three problem statements, A, B, and C, from which each team selected one and built and communicated a model in a ten-minute video. .

    JUDGING RUBRIC: You will find the Rubric we ask you to use to render a score 1 = Low through 5 = High for each team ten-minute video you view as SCUDEM Scoring Rubric.pdf at .

    Another way to find this rubric is to go to your Group SCUDEM V 2020 Judges, found on in your personal Dashboard once you are signed in to SIMIODE at Under Files once in the Group on the Group Dashboard you can find the judging materials, including Rubric already mentioned above and other files described below.


    GO TO YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT DASHBOARD: On the left side of your screen (if you click on your personal icon), you will find  your Personal Account Dashboard.  Once there Click on Groups and then Click and Go to SCUDEM V 2020 Judges Group.

    GO TO YOUR SCUDEM V 2020 JUDGES GROUP DASHBOARD: Once THERE you will see under Files the above mentioned SCUDEM Scoring Rubric as well as the Judge Assignments spreadsheet for the teams we ask you to judge.

    You can download or copy information relevant to you from the Judge Assignments spreadsheet - see the separate sheet names as appropriate.

    The first sheet (Main Sheet All Judges) tells you your Judge Number and which problem you are judging. Then select the appropriate sheet for showing you the exact list of teams and the URLs where you can find the team video for you to do your three judgings. Click on the URL of the video you wish to watch and prepare to view the student presentation.

    ENTERING SCORES, ID INFORMATION, AND YOUR COMMENTS: Go back in SCUDEM V 2020 Judge Dashboard where you will see Judge Report Form for you to use for EACH team you judge.


    Take care.

    Brian Winkel, Director

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