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Hannah Callender

What type of homework do you assign for this course?

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    Brian Winkel

    Hello Hannah,

    While I am currently not teaching since I am an Emeritus Professor, when I was was teaching I would always assign project type homework, i.e. over two classes at least, perhaps a week. Students would often have quick submissions of preliminary ideas and class time devoted to the work for my feedback, though. The type of projects I would assign are exemplified by my contributed Modeling Scenarios in SIMIODE. Indeed, often they WERE THE homeworks. I rarely assigned routine solve differential equations homework. Rather, I tried, as we do in SIMIODE, to assign differential equations problems in context with solution being only a part of the work. In my case, solution, after once around the block on by hand work, always meant Mathematica or Maple approach so students did not have to be tied up in hand manipulation and almost always in error.

    I hope this answers your question.

    I apologize for not addressing this question earlier, but being an Emeritus DOES NOT mean being idle!

    Take care.

    Brian Winkel, Director SIMIODE

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