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Holly Zullo

Is there current software for making direction fields, etc. in Matlab?

I'm getting ready to teach differential equations in the spring, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to have students create direction fields and phase plots in Matlab. I have always used Polking's dfield and pplane, but these have not been updated since 2009. I recently discovered the Iode site and software, and while that worked great last summer, it does not work now under the latest version of Matlab. When I contacted the Iode group they said they stopped supporting that software a couple of years ago. there a modern and up-to-date version of any of these (or anything like these) that will allow students to easily and quickly plot direction fields without having the use the quiver function? 

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    Brian Winkel

    Holly - I have forwarded your message and query to Corban Harwood of George Fox University in Oregon (a member and developer of materials for SIMIODE) as he has interest and knowledge of dfield and MatLab. Hopefully, that helps, for I do not know enough about either although I have used dfield.  I hope this helps. Brian Winkel

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