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Probably like many of you, we wander around the Internet looking for good things mathematically and pedagogically. Once in a while we stumble across a real gem and Math Insight is such a gem. The group describes itself  this way,

"The Math Insight web site contains both narrative pages and interactive applets focusing on the concepts underlying a few topics in mathematics. It has the largest coverage of multivariable calculus, as its origins are from the CSE Multivariable Calculus and Vector Analysis course at the University of Minnesota. Although no effort has been made to turn this into a comprehensive source of information on any topic, the goal is to provide some depth on selected topics, so readers can explore mathematical concepts at different levels, depending on their preparation or interest.

"One can view these pages more like a lecture than a textbook. They are not a replacement for a mathematics textbook because they don't cover all the theoretical details behind the main ideas. For the same reason, they should be easier to understand than a textbook.

"At present, Math Insight is a work in progress. We welcome comments on how we can improve it."

Just in the area of differential equations alone there are many, many listings of narrative materials, Applets, and videos. All are rich and interconnected with opportunities to give feedback for improvement. Applets are often created in GeoGebra. A nice video discusses Developing a logistic model to describe bacteria growth, introduction and tells how to download and use Geogebra.

The driving force behind Math Insight (in addition to a team of contributors) is Duane Q. Nykamp, Mathematics, University of Minnesota. Duane offers a calming, steady voiced style in his videos which engage the viewer and concisely inform and teach.

We recommend you go there to see for yourself the many resources in differential equations and many, many other areas and topics of undergraduate mathematics.

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