ReDesigning High School

ReDesigning High School? Really? Really!! Check it out at 

Hawken School in Cleveland Ohio USA is offering some bold ideas on the redesign of high school with active (we mean very active) and engaged in community learning efforts. A group of  Hawken teachers has set out some bold plans and offered examples of what students can do as they learn.

The material offered includes Podcasts in which  we are asked, "What would happen if you put a microphone in the faculty lounge? Listen in as we talk through the challenges and possibilities of teaching today." and then we get to listen to these episodes.

Featured projects by students are presented from a variety of courses and activities through discussion papers and videos to give you a taste of the redesign. 

The Mastery School of Hawken is a new high school in Cleveland’s University Circle designed with students and the future in mind. We’ll welcome our founding class in August 2020.

Research confirms what we already know: students learn best — and are healthiest — when they are active participants in their education, partnering with talented faculty on work that matters. This is a guiding principle of SIMIODE so we agree with this approach at all levels of learning.

For more than a decade, Hawken faculty have created nationally recognized programs that place students in the real world and engage them in solving authentic problems.

The Mastery School of Hawken will take this innovative programming to scale.

The Channel gives a look into the classes and the thinking of teachers at Hawken as to what a redesign is about to become.

So we say again, ReDesigning High School? Really? Really! Check it out at 

There is something in here for those of us who wish to do active learning with modeling to teach differential equations.

DISCLAIMER:  My son, Doan Winkel, who on the faculty of John Carroll University, Cleveland Heights OH USA, has been in conversation with the leaders of Hawken School and that is how I learned about this remarkable movement. 

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